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Early attempts with 6" newtonian
I have been interested in astronomy ever since I remember. Quite long time ago I built my first ATM 7" newtonian and had quite a lot of fun during observations. It was pre CCD era (at least for amateurs). Then I had a astro break for about ten years, but old love does not rust and I got back. Currently I am mainly astro photographer - not visual observer. From my backyard it's easier to reach faint fuzzies with CCD camera than an eye. I will not write here about my setup - it changes and evolves, worth saying that I used mostly newtonian scopes for astrophotography. With all its inconveniences and disadvantages it offers the most aperture for the price. And you know - in astronomy the bigger the better :) Hower my 2015 astrogun is 130mm apochromatic triplet. And it seems to prove its value (and weight :) )
New 5.1" triplet. Old camera, location and pier.
Clear skies!

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