Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Needle galaxies

There are a whole lot of galaxies in Virgo, and among them there are nice although small spiral one - NGC5364. This one and its neighbours I have chosen some time ago for a frame. Photons were collected at the end of April, 2016 from my suburban backyard - it is total 450 minutes of exposition (with 5 minutes single sub). There are several needle shaped galaxy also in the frame - these are viewed from the edge. 
NGC5364 spiral galaxy and others (above tau Virginis star)
And the luminance channel only annotated (watch the 1.1 billion light years distant galaxy cluster to the right):
NGC5364 galaxy area annotated
Clear skies!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Hunt for TrES-3b exoplanet transit

Nights in June are very short in central Europe - not even three hours. Fortunately the TrES3-3b exoplanet minimum lasts only about hour and on the June, 5th I managed to record the minimum. The egzoplanet traversed between the star and us and it caused the very small star brigtness reduction - about 0.02 magnitude, that is near the limit of detection of my setup. But, eventually, exoplanet transit has been recorded:
MaxIm photometry session of TrES-3b exoplanet transit


TrES3 star position
Gears used: TS130/910 refractor with 0.79x reducer, Atik383 mono camera with Baader L filter, EQ6 mount, OAG guided. Single exposure - 120 seconds.
So - exoplanet detected from the backyard - yay !

Clear skies!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Mixed location Whirlpool

160 minutes of luminance made in Zatom. 120 minutes of RGB made in Nieborowice. Some time for processing, and here it is - M51 - Whirlpool galaxy. One of the icons of night sky, impressive spiral galaxy seen en face together with its smaller company - NGC5195. And decorated with some stars plus a few fainter fuzzies.
Refractor TS130/910 0.79x, Atik383, EQ6.
M51 galaxy and surroundings

Close up view
Clear skies!