Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Coma Cluster

It's been over three years since I pictured Coma Cluster in the astrojolo Deep Field One entry. This cluster is about 320 million light years away and is dominated by two supergiant elliptical galaxies. This to the left is NGC4889 - real monster. Its central part is about 240 000 light years in diameter, that is a size of whole Milky Way. However outer faint halo extends to 1.3 million light years, and NGC4889 mass is estimated to be a thousand times more than our Galaxy.
This time is in the wider context. TS130/910 0.79x, Atik383, EQ6, suburban sky:
Coma Cluster, 580 minutes LRGB
Coma Cluster, 400 minutes L inverted
Clear skies!

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