Thursday, April 21, 2016

Butterfly drama in Zatom

Here is 4h of LRGB frames I have made in Zatom at spring Star Party. Unfortunately I had tilted focuser when exposing G and B channels and it was very hard to adjust color well at stars :( I planned this frame for some time, and it happened to be a small failure :( Well, I will get back to it some day maybe :)
Top right is Messier 58 galaxy in Virgo Cluster - one of the brightest galaxy in this cluster. Bottom left Butterfly Galaxies (or Siamese Twins) in the same cluster.
TS130/910 0.79x, Atik383, LRGB 4h in 10 and 5 minutes subs. 
M58 and Butterfly Galaxies in Virgo Cluster

Clear skies!

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