Friday, March 25, 2016

Kite in the sky

NGC1664 is an star open cluster you can find in Auriga constellation. This one is about 3700 light years away and apparently it is visible in the very star reach region, so it can be tricky to distinguish cluster stars from the background. You need to use at least binoculars to spot this cluster. Its brightest stars form a recognizable shape that resembles kite - hence the cluster nickname. Cluster contains over 100 stars, and is located between our local arm and Perseus arm of our galaxy. 
Picture below has been made with TS130/910 refractor with 0.79x focal reducer and Atik 383 mono camera with RGB filters. Mount EQ6 guided. During first quarter Moon and under suburban sky. Total exposure time was 150 minutes.
NCG1664 Kite open cluster in Auriga. North is left.

Kite cluster center crop.
 Clear skies!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Untamed Seven Sisters

Bad weather drives me crazy. In December last year I collected RGB frames for Pleiades open cluster. I already had luminance only, but conditions during RGB collecting was very poor. However due to lack of new material I decided to put it all together, so here it is. I will get back to Pleiades cluster at least one more time, but not in my light polluted backyard. 

TS 130/910 0.79x, Atik383, L 40x5 min + 10x30 sec, RGB 3x15x5 min

M45 Seven Sisters (aka Pleiades) open cluster. LRGB under light polluted sky
Clear skies!