Thursday, January 7, 2016

Open cluster trio (astrosclerosis)

I was a little bit busy during the night of December, 30th and I have been looking for quick 2-3h frame. The M38 cluster in Auriga and its surroundigs has been choosen. Then, few days later during image processing I realized that I pictured exactly the same area one year ago . Bummer. Only difference is I pictured it now with different telescope - TS130/910. One year ago it was 6" newton.
So here it is RGB 3x10x5 minutes:
M38 open cluster and surroundings
There is alco NGC1907 cluster at the bottom, and Czernik 21 open cluster at upper right, at the and of faint red nebulosity (that is Sharpless 230).

Clear skies!


  1. Ładne. Nie ma to jak dobry sprzęt.

    1. Ale jasne gwiazdki na mrozie też dostały więcej spajków, niż było latem...

  2. Ale u mnie widać do przesady już na 5s zdjęciu. U Ciebie są znośne sam widziałes przy jednej komecie.