Saturday, November 7, 2015

November testing

Atik came back from its origin - it has been sent to service and now is in perfect condition. Meanwhile I adjusted my refractor collimation, so I wanted to check if everything is ok. For the first light after service and adjustments I have chosen frame full of stars. And here it is:
Barnard 147 dark nebula and neighborhood
So a little to the right of the frame center there is a Barnard 147 small dark nebula, and that's it. Nothing else there. Well, except of several thousands Milky Way stars, gas and dust clouds... And among them a little below B147 crimson red star. I hoped it is another carbon star, but not this time. It is V2007 Cygni star - red variable giant of type Mira Ceti. As you can see below it is quite bright object seen through the red filter, quite faint through green one, and not detected through the blue filter:

V2007 Cygni red giant variable star - a little to the right and below the frame center

Total exposure time about 3h.
Clear skies!

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