Monday, November 30, 2015

Many shades of Soul

There always happens a lot in the Milky Way areas of our sky. For example Soul and Ghost nebulaes can be found in the constellation of Cassiopeia. They are pretty large, so the frame below is only the eastern part of Soul nebula pictured in hydrogen alpha red light. More color to come, but due to unpretty weather not quite sure when. 
IC1848 - eastern part of Soul nebula
It's total 40 exposures 15 minutes each with TS130/910 0.79x refractor, Atik383 camera and Baader Ha filter. All set up on EQ6 mount.

Clear skies!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Literature moons

Did you know that all known Uranus moons (there are currently 27 of them) are named after characters from the works of William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope. Some of them can be spotted from Earth using telescope or pictured as well, but most have been discovered during Voyager 2 flyby.
Last night I turned telescope to Uranus for a moment and tried to picture them.
TS 130/910 0.79x, Atik383x, Baader CCD G filter, 10x10 seconds exposure. Resize 150%, so 1' = 1px
Uranus moons
Clear skies!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

AstroHub 3.0 - almost there

Just a bunch of pictures - prototype is done, software 95% completed and tested.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Red Lion

Lion has gained some color. It is only 3x40 minutes of each RGB channels added, and hydrogen light colored with red. No actually the true or real colors, but close to (if you only that human eye is blind for faint red color nebulosity).
Sh2-132 Lion nebula - HaRGB composite
To right and left bottom corners are guarded by two crimson red beauties - C* 3121 carbon star*%203121&submit=submit is the one to the right. SU Lac Mira Ceti type variable star is the bottom*%20SU%20Lac&submit=submit

Clear skies!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Deep inside the Soul

IC1848 Soul Nebula is quite extended object and there is no way for my setup to cover it all at once. But even in narrow field images there is plenty of interesting objects to notice there, like "Fish" globule at the picture below. It is IRAS 02497+6018 object - you can see it in the right bottom corner of the picture:
Detail of IC1848 Soul nebula - notice "Fish" globule in lower right
It is 4h exposed with hydrogen alpha filter. Atik383 camera, TS130/910 0.79x refractor, EQ6 mount.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

November testing

Atik came back from its origin - it has been sent to service and now is in perfect condition. Meanwhile I adjusted my refractor collimation, so I wanted to check if everything is ok. For the first light after service and adjustments I have chosen frame full of stars. And here it is:
Barnard 147 dark nebula and neighborhood
So a little to the right of the frame center there is a Barnard 147 small dark nebula, and that's it. Nothing else there. Well, except of several thousands Milky Way stars, gas and dust clouds... And among them a little below B147 crimson red star. I hoped it is another carbon star, but not this time. It is V2007 Cygni star - red variable giant of type Mira Ceti. As you can see below it is quite bright object seen through the red filter, quite faint through green one, and not detected through the blue filter:

V2007 Cygni red giant variable star - a little to the right and below the frame center

Total exposure time about 3h.
Clear skies!