Friday, August 21, 2015

Pelican in Swan

There is autumn incoming shortly, and one of this season gems (in northern hemisphere) is Cygnus (The Swan). It flies ofer the reach Milky Way region, and we can find there whole lot of star clusters and nebulaes. Nearby the Deneb - birghtest star in Cygnus there is large (over four degrees of apparent diameter) nebulae complex, and part of this complex is IC5070 Pelican nebula. And part of this nebula (designated IC5067) I pictured over last two nights. 
IC5067 - part of Pelican nebula in Cygnus

Picture above has been shot with Atik383 mono camera, Baader Ha filter and TS130/910 refractor with 0.79x reducer. Exposure time was 18x15 minutes. Below there is 1:1 crop of the ionisation front, where new stars are born.
Star forming region in Pelican nebula
Clear skies!

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