Monday, April 20, 2015

Berenice Marathon

Visual sky observers have kind of exhausting event - there is the most famous catalog of deep sky objects, Messier Catalog. It contains 110 galaxies, nebulae and star clusters. And during spring there is an opportunity to observe all of them over one night. It is called Messier Marathon . There is no such dedicated event for astrophotography amateurs, but I was a little bit jelaous and tried to perform such marathon with galaxy rich fields in Coma Berenices constellation. Of course weather tangled my plans, and I had to stop before I reach even half-way point :( So only eight images have been created, each exposed 10 minutes with 200/800 newtonian and Atik383 camera April 15, 2015.

NGC4136 region
NGC4173 region
NGC4274 region
NGC4559 region
NGC4565 Needle region 
NGC4725 region 
Coma Cluster I part
M85 region

Clear skies!

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