Monday, March 2, 2015

Draco dwarf galaxy

Draco Dwarf is a spheroidal galaxy discovered in 1954 on photographic plates of Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (POSS). It is a part of Local Group of galaxies and can be found in the constellation of Draco. 
It if indeed very small galaxy - although it is placed only 280 000 light years away (so only 15% of the distance for example to M31 - Great Andromeda galaxy) it is very hard to be seen with amateur telescopes. On long exposure pictures it can be hardly recognized.
It is also very old galaxy - most of its stars are over 10 billion years old. 
So, here it is - Draco Dwarf galaxy - try to find it :)

Draco Dwarf galaxy (loose star cluster to the left of frame center)

Annotated frame. [VV2006] object is distant quasar about 19.5mag and over 8 billion light years away
Clear skies!

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