Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New telescope first light

My old 6 inches newtonian served me well for over two years, but finally I managed to complete building of the new 8 inches fast f/4 newtonian. I have made carbon fibre tube by myself and then equipped it with all necessary devices - mirrors, mirror cell, spider, focuser, dovetail, astrobox (with USB hub and focuser controller) and others.
Main 8 inches f/4 mirror in the cell and aperture mask
Focuser and Arduino based astrobox controller during final tests 
Telescope top view with both cameras and filter wheel attached. 
Piggybacked lens for simultaneous wide field imaging.
In the field, before first light.
First light - M1 Crab nebula. Still needs some adjustments in collimation, but looks promising :)

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