Thursday, May 2, 2013

Some (short) history

It has been a long time ago when I got interested in astronomy - actually I do not remember the exact date, I think it was over twenty years ago. But it was not very long time ago when I started to do actual astrophotography - not even a whole year has passed. Since again not astro weather is in my place I just collected almost all my astro pictures in the one online gallery. There is not so many of them, but around 120 hours of total exposure time have been spent on all of them, and it is all up to weather conditions (and current Moon phase in some extent). During this 8 months my setup has not changed so much - I am still using HEQ5 Pro equatorial mount, and still GSO 6" Newtonian tube. I started astro picturing with Canon 20D camera, lately it has been replaced with Atik 314L+ monochrome camera with LRGB and H alpha filter set. Some of the pictures have been taken using 200mm telephoto lens (older than me Jupiter lens I bought for 30$). We will see what will be next subject to change - I probably will aim to larger aperture, so 8" f/4 tube would be a great upgrade :)
Anyway - here is all my astro works for the last nine months:

Clear skies!

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