Friday, June 29, 2012

Heavy Ring

The nights eventually become longer, although there is some decent amount of fog and mosquitos in the air. After the tiring week I chose famous M57 planetary nebula called also Ring nebula. Due to its moderate angular size (about 230 arc seconds) it is hard to notice any details there. However you can notice its ringness and some asymetry. And some color :)
I have changed operating system to windows xp, so eventually I was able to connect Canon 20D camera to APT software and made my astrophoto sessions a little bit more pleasant. Also some adventures this time as well - I planned to made 40 exposures, but forgot that objects went sometime through meridian. So happened this time and the mount stopped after 31 exposure.
GSO 6" F5, Canon 20D 31x180 seconds ISO800, flattener.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unfortunate Dumbbell

Eventually clouds have vanished and despite of extremely short, summer nights I decided to put out the astro gears and shot Dumbbell. During this exposition our soccer team unfortunately lost with Chech republic in the match of all :(
Dumbbell nebula (M27) is the planetary nebula placed about 1300 light years from Earth. Due to this moderated distance its apparent diameter is significant (8 arc minutes). Central star is 13.5mag and is the largest known white dwarf with surface temperature 85000K.

Photo taken with Canon 20D (unmodded), GSO 6" F5 newtonian with GSO coma corrector. ISO800, 35x3 minutes.